Car Camping Kit: 2018 Toyota Tundra


That is the only way to broadly describe what our most recent kit was for a recent model Tundra.

Met the customer in the parking in the Bellevue H-Mart parking lot, as one does, and it was apparent that they had specific ideas about their build. This is a good thing. The more detailed approach from the get-go, the less guesswork that happens during the build.

Meeting adjourned and deposit deposited, there was only one thing to do - go buy some wood.

The new company standard is a 4x8 piece of shop birch from Crosscut Hardwoods. It has a nice bit of coloring and character while also being sturdy. With past pieces of plywood, they've frayed easily or worse, cracked during drilling. Not the case with this piece of wood as it costs a little bit more, but is truly worth it when you realize you're saving time by not cleaning up little aesthetic mistakes. Since the Tundra was so large, this kit took 3 pieces of 4x8 instead of the usual 2 to have enough wood for everything. Again, big.

As the building went, there were two lids that needed to be manufactured. The first went on top of the left drawer. Initially, its hinges were on top, but due to them hitting the roof of the kit when the drawer slid in-and-out, they were then moved to the inside, allowing the lid to swing open toward the inside of the truck. 

The second lid came on the back half of the back platform. Since the Tundra's bed is quite large, offering plenty of extra storage after the drawer half, it made sense to create a door that gained access to all the extra space in the back half of the bed. With three finger holes for lifting, this lid made it easy for someone to reach out from inside the cab and store large units underneath the platform.

Sorry for the lack of pictures with all this, but the kit got finalized in the waning light outside our shop.

Next up: 2006 4Runner that is going to have the craziest drawer yet! 


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