Car Camping Kit: 2019 Toyota 4 Runner

After a couple of pure custom kits, it was time to get back to some of the basics. Those basics being a close-to-template Rainier kit with those big bad drawers.

This particular kit was specifically for an influencer couple (@meeshuno / @bokeh.rang) who both excel in nature photography. They paid the costs of the kit, and in return we'll get a couple of posts on each's account and access to their photos for business use at our discretion - a pretty standard influencer / business agreement. 

So off to Home Depot with some updated plans. The attendant was kind enough to rip a bunch of wood with priority measurements going to the drawer widths. I put the priority on widths as I could then use the same strip of wood for drawer tops & bottoms - leaving just the side strip, middle bridge, and drawer fronts / backs to be shredded in another row.

With a full Prius worth of wood, I sealed the two platforms at home, and eventually trafficked all the cuts to The Car Camp Company's new shop in Fremont.

Our chop saw went straight to work breaking down the drawer fronts & backs out of a 96" X 7" strip of plywood. Soon enough we were breaking down slough plywood from previous builds into pillars, and loading drawer bottoms on drawer sliders to establish proper alignment. After that was solved, we fortified the pillars with a 2 X 4 that would double as a bridge to the second platform. With the trunk platform build pretty much figured, it was time to call it a day.

A few evenings later, a couple buddies agreed to come check out the new shop with the promise of beer if they put a bit of work in. Being that they're both engineers, we were happy to have their brains inside our new 150 sq. foot shop space.

Their assignments for the evening were to level the drawer slides, cut and align the backseat platform bridge, and drill and place the furniture levelers. They did these tasks well and without complaint.

The next night of work was without help, per usual. The rest of the drawers were assembled, needing a little more finessing than anticipated. To boot, the drawer sliders were now acting up, so overall a trying night to get both sets of drawers to align properly both visually and mechanically.

This was all under a deadline however as drop-off was scheduled for the next day. Sure enough, in the middle of a Rite Aid parking lot (where all good things happen), a happy couple received their Rainier and were excited about the kit.

Everything fit snug as a bug and word has it they're on their way to the Olympic Peninsula for the weekend - another customer who couldn't wait to get outside with their Car Camping Kit!

Update: Since the publishing of this article, both influencers have already posted once each with the photo above, and that alone has created two leads for new sales. When it comes to the question of what influencers can do for your business, this has confirmed to us that influencers will be a valuable marketing arm moving forward.



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